UVIRCOUltra Violet detection (CoroCAM)

UVIRCO and the CSIR, South Africa CSIR is the largest research and development  organization on the African continent. Over the past 15 years, its Electro-Optical   engineers have developed the CoroCAM range of products, from the early night time cameras up to today’s Multi-Spectral Imaging system. To date more than 200 Systems have been   manufactured and sold world-wide, the majority being the daylight units.

Ultra Violet detection and visualization Technology Poor connection and current related problems have been detected by the use of Thermal Imaging for some time but this only tells part of the maintenance story.

Corona is an indication of insulation breakdown problems on High Voltage electrical equipment.

Corona comes from the ionization of air, mainly at the wavelength of nitrogen, due to high electric fields resulting in emissions of light and sound.

The high electric field can be due to inadequate equipment design, effects of pollution, in-service damage or simply wear and tear.

Typical applications

  • Determining if the transmission lines audible noise level is acceptable e.g. from Radio and TV Interference sources, preventing or solving complaints
  • Checking if HV equipment has been installed and maintained correctly or is damaged, thus preventing costly line outages
  • Monitoring the condition of insulators and if they are damaged possibly leading to the beginnings of failure
  • Investigating the outcome of research efforts into new or improved equipment design or failure investigations in the laboratory

The CoroCAM Product Range
Uvirco is the only manufacturer with the complete range of product from night time to daylight cameras with the addition of the Multispectral unit and a gimbal mounted daylight system.
The range consists of:

  • CoroCAM I & III night time, lowlight and indoor systems
  • CoroCAM 504 full daylight UV on background video channel system
  • CoroCAM 6D full daylight UV , is an economical re-interpretation of the very successful CoroCAM 504
  • MultiCAM full daylight UV on background video channel plus UV overlaid on InfraRed channel
  • Corona 350 helicopter gimbal mounted 504 system

"Qeraton Arabia is the only approved distributer for CoroCAM UV Cameras in Saudi Arabia."

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