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Qeraton Arabia offers a unique methodology and approach to help lower energy costs, upgrade the facility and protect the environment. We perform in-depth energy audits and engineering designs to present the energy efficiency action plans. Our objective is to provide value-added and cost effective solutions for our clients in the area of inspection and energy management with superior field work and reports.

Qeraton Arabia energy audit will include energy performance assessment of the following utilities/equipment:

1. Lighting
2. Compressors and Compressed Air Distribution System
3. Boilers / Steam Generators and Steam distribution System
4. HVAC (Chillers, AHUs)
5. Cooling Towers
6. Electrical Motors (blowers, pumps etc.)
7. Electrical Distribution system, Power quality
8. Building Envelope
9. Process machines

The energy audit will also include the following:
Power Logging / Power Quality Analysis:
1. Measurement of Power consumption
2. Power Quality Analysis (including PF, Harmonics etc.)


1. Thermography of Electrical systems
2. Thermography of steam, hot water systems, chilled water systems and other mechanical equipment

Ultrasound Scanning
1. Ultrasound scanning of compressed air systems
2. Ultrasound scanning of steam systems (including steam traps, valves etc.)

We perform the function as an extended arm or outsourced "Energy Department" for our clients at a low cost with world class service and leading edge technology. Our technical experience and recommended methods help improve the business operational efficiency and accomplishes several important saving goals.



Thermal Imaging
Photovoltaic Cleaning System

Arc Flash Program

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