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We understand that an effective arc flash training program should supply workers with the knowledge and understanding of the existence, nature, causes, and methods to prevent electrical hazards. Our arc flash training program includes training on arc flash awareness, standards and codes, understanding of arc flash quantities, selection and use of appropriate PPE, reading and following warning signs and labels, methods to reduce risk while working on live exposed parts, arc flash hazard assessment, and documentation.


The following are some of the topics that will be covered during the training session:


• PPE selection and maintenance
• Use and selection of voltage testing equipment
• Hazard risk categories, Arc-Flash boundaries, and qualified personnel
• Working on or near live parts
• Arcing faults, incident energy exposures, and factors that influence their values
• Arc-Flash mitigation techniques (temporary/permanent)
• Arc-Flash labels and work permit requirement
• CSA Z462 and OSHA pertaining to Arc-Flash Electrical Safe Work Practices



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Arc Flash Program

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