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Using cutting-edge infrared detection technology, Qeraton Arabia Thermographers rapidly and accurately pinpoint the thermal anomalies that threaten the safety and reliability of your electrical systems. Because thermography is non-contact and non-destructive, there is no need to interrupt electricity for costly shutdowns. Our thermographers inspect your equipment under normal loads and operating conditions, so you don’t have to disrupt your service schedules. By performing an infrared scan of your electrical system in ‘real time’ our inspections can help you understand the practical impacts of emerging component problems.

An infrared electrical scan can substantially improve profitability and reduce your operating, testing and maintenance costs by:

  • Quickly pinpointing problems
  • Reducing downtime and equipment damage
  • Preventing catastrophic failures
  • Establishing repair priorities
  • Improving preventive maintenance efficiency
  • Testing under load to avoid costly shutdowns

Description: concept image of an energy effenciency rating lable and some pound coins

Electrical Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can find electrical faults where wiring is over-heating. It can also provide an excellent picture of problem areas in overheated equipment and appliances.

We use thermal imaging to detect abnormal temperature variations that cause common electrical faults, such as:

              • Loose/deteriorated connections
              • Overloads
              • Imbalanced loads
              • Open circuits
              • Inductive heating
              • Defective equipment
              • Faulty wiring

Scope of Work

Qeraton Arabia will perform infrared thermal imaging inspections on electrical panels and equipment to identify any thermal anomalies, electrical hot spots, overloaded and improper wiring. We will provide a written report outlining the current condition and performance of the equipment. We will also recommend areas where improvements or additional repairs/maintenance should be carried out.

Qeraton Arabia will submit one customized and detailed report including digital images, thermal images, hard/soft copies of the reports and recommendations to resolve any anomalies identified.

Any equipment showing faults will be marked with professional labels on the equipment indicating the nature of the fault. This will occur at the time of the initial scan and will include the company name, date, problem and resolution.

Description: concept image of an energy effenciency rating lable and some pound coins

Equipment to be used

Qeraton Arabia uses the latest, leading edge infrared technology from Flir Systems to provide integrated capture reporting and repository solutions. Our infrared inspections are performed using state-of-the-art, fully-radiometric, FLIR P660 thermal imaging camera with minimum of 640 x 480 resolutions, which provides superior imaging quality and accurate evaluation of your thermal situations.

  • FLIR Systems P660 infrared camera (640 x 480)
  • Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment
  • Power clamp meter
  • Digital camera


The deliverables for infrared thermography service includes:

  • Thermal imaging scans of all electrical panels / equipment
  • Follow a thorough inventory of the equipment, scan the entire facility
  • Thermal imaging report with recommendations to resolve any anomalies identified.
  • Reports to include digital images, thermal images and recommendations.
  • Each piece of equipment will be labeled by Qeraton Arabia with inspection date and time.




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